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Dr. Sophie Bostock, PhD

Sophie is a Sleep Evangelist at Big Health, the digital medicine company behind sleep improvement program, Sleepio. Sophie's research interests include the impacts of improving sleep for performance and health. With the Sleepio team, she has collaborated with researchers around the world, including trials to explore the impact of sleep improvement in the workplace with Foster Business School, Henry Ford Health System, and the University of Oxford, where she is an honorary research fellow. Sophie has featured as a sleep expert in the media including for BBC World, ITV, and TEDxNHS. She has also been recognised by the NHS as an Innovation Accelerator Fellow, helping to promote the uptake of digital medicine.
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Sleep: the foundation of resilience

To succeed in today’s frenetic, 24/7 and interconnected global workplace, adaptability is key. It’s not a question of whether stresses and challenging life events will occur; that’s simply inevitable. The question employers are increasingly asking is: how can they best enable their teams to develop the mental resources they need to maintain peak performance in the face of adversity?

The ingredients of psychological resilience have been the subject of decades of scientific research. While the labels may vary by study, these are the core components which can be considered the building blocks of bouncing back from tough times:

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Topics: Mental health, Sleep, insomnia, resilience, stress

Why sleep matters

Sleep experts agree that we need at least seven hours of sleep to function at our best. However, if an uninterrupted seven hours of shut-eye sounds like an unusual luxury to you, you’re not alone. In fact, 4 out of 10 adults are sleep deprived and approximately half of those adults have insomnia. Sleep problems impact wide-ranging factors such as mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular health, and obesity and have been linked to 7 of the 15 leading causes of death.

In this blog post, I extract the main findings from my latest white paper, Why Sleep Matters, which references findings from over 50 published academic articles. The results may have you rethinking the next time you skimp on sleep.

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Topics: Mental health, Sleep, insomnia

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